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The online aircraft build log.

The best way to log and share your progress as you build your next great aviation masterpiece.
Log your hours

Log your build time using our advance logging system that helps you visualize your progress in new and interesting ways

Share your logbook

We make it easy to share your progress and let others see your log, photos, and videos by providing a dedicated microsite for you project

Connect and Compare with other builders

We make it easy to find other builders that are building similar projects so you can compare notes

Social-First Buildlog Engine

Our build log engine was designed around sharing your progress with the world. Through the engine you'll be able to create a microsite for your project that you can share with the world with rich media like high-resolution images and videos embeded directly in your entries.

Rich Analytics

Because the Buildlog Engine that we built collects a wealth of data for your log entries and we've created templates for many of the popular airplane kits, we can generate deep insights about your build and even compare to others in the same category.

This will help you connect with others and will even be able to help you find common problem areas with solutions that others have discovered and solved.

Many of the common kits are included in the Buildlog Engine

We've already scaffolded out the templates for many of the popular kits and kit manufactures which will make connecting with other builders easier and ultimately help you build a better aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

How does the free trial work?

We want you to really try our product so you can discover just how great it is for keeping track of your aircraft build. Because of this, we've decided to give a full 6 months free to new joiners. We are convinced that you'll love the product within a couple days of using it to manage your build log, but most of us are building in our freetime and it could take months to expierence all the features and really build up a log that uses some of our most advanced analytics.

After 6 months, you're card will automatically charged and your paid membership will begin.

What happens if I don't decided to continue after the 6 month trial?

We will freeze your buildlog and disable your ability to post new log entries. Your microsite will still continue to function.

Additionally, you will always be able to export/download your log entries at no charge.

Do I have to continue paying after I've finished my project?

Absolutely not! Once you mark your project as finished, you're build log will be frozen and you will not be charged for that project from that point on.

Your microsite will continue to function and you will be able to export/download your log at no additional charge.

What does this cost?

We charge $10/month per active project. You can get a further discount by paying annually which is $90/year per active project.

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